Charlene Barshefsky

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Known globally as the architect and negotiator of China's WTO agreement, Ambassador Barshefsky is one of the world's experts on China. With two decades of experience, she offers highly expert, in-depth knowledge about conducting business with this coming superpower. Ambassador Barshefsky also draws on the skills she used to spearhead hundreds of trade and investment agreements, as well as her unique understanding of international economic policy, and foreign and U.S. government policies, to enlighten audiences with her wide breadth of global knowledge.

Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, Senior International Partner at WilmerHale in Washington, DC, advises multinational corporations on their market access, investment and acquisition strategies across the globe. She has long been renowned in the US and around the world for her negotiating, policy and legal skills in transactions with governments, state-owned enterprises and private parties. She joined WilmerHale after serving as the United States Trade Representative from 1997 to 2001 and acting and deputy USTR from 1993 to 1996. As the USTR and a member of the President's Cabinet, Ambassador Barshefsky is best known for opening China through her negotiation of its WTO agreement and was responsible for the formulation of US trade policy and the negotiation of hundreds of complex trade and investment agreements that significantly opened markets, removed regulatory barriers, and cemented protections for US investment from Europe to Asia, Africa to Latin America, and the Middle East. She also led the negotiation of global agreements to open the financial services and telecommunications sectors, remove global tariffs on information technology products, and protect intellectual property rights.

Speaking Topics

Globalization: The Politics of Trade. Ambassador Barshefsky explains the opportunities and complex obstacles associated with the powerful geopolitical forces now shaping U.S. economic relations, political alliances and commercial prospects.

China: The New Frontier. With over two decades of experience in negotiating with the Chinese government and Chinese businesses across multiple sectors, Ambassador Barshefsky brings a wealth of knowledge to any business seeking entry into this rapidly developing marketplace and will deliver a presentation tailored to your meeting's objectives. Ambassador Barshefsky offers unique insight into China's internal policies and politics, negotiating with the Chinese government and businesses, how to navigate the significant challenges, how to succeed in this complex commercial environment, and more.

Trading Up To Economic Recovery. In addition to sensible domestic policies, the new administration has the opportunity to further economic recovery with a comprehensive trade policy. In this timely speech, Ambassador Barshefsky illustrates the critical agenda that can promote growth as trade spurs development, and builds alliances and security with other countries as economic integration creates shared interests. With an unparalleled understanding of international economic policy, Ambassador Barshefsky shares the keys to strengthening the U.S. economy through economic expansion, supporting development and security, and constructively engaging the developing world – India, China and others.

Penetrating Foreign Markets Around the World. Based on her experience as a United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Barshefsky shares her expertise in achieving market access across the globe and for using negotiations to the best commercial advantage.

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