Carey Cavitt

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Since 1975 Cary has personally served well over 100,000 customers. During these years he has observed and learned what creates outstanding customer service. Cary's zeal to find out what customers want and exceed their expectations has been his driving passion in building a successful career in the golf industry.

After receiving a B.A. at the University of Michigan and an M.A. at Eastern Michigan University, Cary then went on to become an award-winning PGA Head Golf Professional at various clubs in the Midwest with a major focus on providing exceptional service.

Cary's expertise is in the area of gaining customer loyalty. He is the author of seven books on the subject. He also has a vast experience in providing over 30 years of personal service to a wide variety of customers as well as speaking in front of over 2,000 customer groups during the last 15 years. With a keen insight into how customers think and feel, Cary is well qualified to coach others in what customers are really looking for when they make contact with an organization.

Speaking Topics

Becoming a Service Superstar
Serving the customer has very little to do with following a policy manual and everything to do with having the right attitudes. Here we will explore the six most important attitudes that will consistently deliver exceptional service to our customers. Improve on these attitudes and better service will follow.

How Your Team Will Benefit

  • Recognize the importance of focusing on the six important attitudes
  • Deliver service that goes above expectations every time
  • Develop a service team that consistently works together

Creating a 5-Star Service Team
Successful organizations all share a common trait: they have a great customer service team where everyone has captured the importance of providing excellent service. In this presentation we will discuss how to create a team that not only delivers great service, but also exceeds client expectations.

How Your Team Will Benefit

  • Change how service is delivered to your customers
  • Create a five-star service team with the same vision
  • Know the importance of the perception of the customer

Winning the Customer
Understanding our customer is the key to improving our service since they see our organization from another point of view. In service, our goal should be to win the customer by understanding their seventeen most important needs. They in turn can become our best advertisers if we simply learn how to meet these needs.

How Your Team Will Benefit

  • Understand the seventeen measurements that customers use
  • Manage customer complaints in a way that wins loyalty
  • Create a service team that understands the mind of the customer

Building Great People Skills
When we understand that outstanding internal customer service teams are a reflection of great people skills, we will begin to relate and serve in a more professional manner. Our goal as customer service professionals is to create an atmosphere where everyone works together. This can only occur when we have excellent people skills.

How Your Team Will Benefit

  • Develop better a customer service team through better people skills
  • Improve internal relationships through better communication
  • Deliver exceptional service with healthier internal relationships

Why Customers Really Return
Customers will return when we understand what it is that attracts them to our organization. In this insightful workshop we will explore various ways to create an environment that brings customers back time. By understanding some simple principles on service, we will begin to perform at a level that exceeds our customers' expectations.

How Your Team Will Benefit

  • Provide service that attracts customers back to your organization
  • Make your customers your best advertising agents
  • Build a service reputation by consistently exceeding expectations

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