C. Leslie Charles

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Why Is Everyone So Cranky? has been Leslie's most frequently requested presentation since before the book was published, both in keynote and seminar formats. In addition to the edgy uncertainty of our post 9/11 world, we are still entrenched in the backwash of the ten social trends outlined in Why Is Everyone So Cranky?, making this subject even more relevant today than when the book was originally released.

Leslie does her part by offering fresh ideas, practical strategies, humor, and opportunities for audience self-evaluation. In her writing, she brings a warm, approachable, yet gently challenging message that encourages inner reflection and long-term change.

With a background that includes failure, poverty, and loss, Leslie Charles has learned how to transform adversities into opportunities and maintain a positive outlook in spite of it all (one journalist described her as a one-woman "Up With People" campaign). As a former teen bride and mother, two-time high school dropout, and displaced homemaker who attended community college on a welfare grant after acquiring her GED, she is an enterprising woman who knows that we all possess the potential to change the course of our lives. She's done it. And if you are her customer, she'll help your employees do it, too.

Leslie has enjoyed an ongoing presence in the North American media since the release of Why Is Everyone So Cranky? where she quickly became recognized as an expert on anger and stress management. For three years now, her ongoing appearances in the media reflect the frequent comment from journalists that she has zeroed in on many of the social issues plaguing our culture and complicating our lives.

Speaking Topics

Programs For General Audiences

  • Why Is Everyone So Cranky? (her most requested topic)
  • Going for the Goaled

Programs For Women's Conferences

  • Mastering Life's Amazing, Amusing ABCs (Attitude, Balance, Clutter, and more!)
  • Creating Your Future

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