Brian Holloway

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A Stanford All-American and five-time NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway, excelled as the team captain of the 1985 New England Patriots, AFC Championship Team. In 1986, at age 26, Holloway was one of the principal architects of the NFL's growth strategy that produced a landmark $18 Billion TV contract in 1998. Look for his distinguished football accomplishments to be recorded in the Pro Football's Hall of Fame. Bill Walsh, Hall of Fame Coach and NFL Dynasty Crafter, calls Brian "a true champion. A playmaker and a leader that calls out the best in people."

Holloway now runs Elite CEO/Owner Bootcamps, an entrepreneur executive curriculum that helps clients outperform competition, retain talent and build world class teams. With clients that include General Electric, Wal-Mart, Salomon Smith Barney, Verizon Wireless, AIG Life, Harvard Business School, Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems, he shares his extraordinary insights with numerous billion-dollar companies, coaching CEO's and teams on how to change the playbook and re-invent their organizations.

Holloway's accomplishments have landed him appearances on Good Morning America, Today, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, and ESPN. He has been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune. In 1995, President Bill Clinton recognized Holloway as one of America's emerging leaders.

In 2007 Brian was enshrined in Stanford Universities Hall of Fame, as one of the greatest athlete's of all time.

His clients describe his impact as: "Passionate." "Frank." "Relevant." "Hard Hitting." "Engaging." "Important."

Speaking Topics

Making the Impossible Happen -- The New Science of Competitive Excellence
In the pro football, championship teams do not hold the belief that change is difficult, painful and time-intensive. Former NFL All-Pro Brian Holloway shows audiences how teams can thrive after internal shake-ups or crises, and why corporate cultures must transform and re-invent who they are in the face of change.

Success to Significance -- Engaging in the Greatest Game of All
You are in business to create a profit and generate returns to shareholder value, especially in the aftermath of one of the most volatile times in market history. Corporate consultant Brian Holloway shares what he learned during his highly successful experience in the NFL on the field and in the board room that brings back fire, intensity and excitement to leaders and teams and helps them achieve championship results.

The Keys to Winning -- Unleashing Team Passion, Creativity and Intensity
This dynamic keynote from executive cach Brian Holloway features the trade secrets of world class competitors -- and the keys to unlocking the extraordinary that lies dormant in people, organizations and teams. Holloway delivers a wake-up call to audiences, revealing new possibility, productivity and profitability that extends far beyond what has ever been achieved before.

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