Bob Pritchard

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Bob Pritchard was appointed as a consultant to Fox Studios and to represent corporate interests at Darling Harbour in Sydney, the fifth largest Olympic Games site in history.

Clients include Citicorp, Ford, General Mills, Anheuser Busch and the 16 country, five continent multi-million dollar lifestyle project for The Coca-Cola Company. His "Goosebumps" promotion for Frito Lay's Smiths Division increased sales $115 million.

For the American Film Industry's centenary Pritchard developed the 18-month global marketing campaign involving all the major studios and TV networks.

Bob's credits include:

  • Corporate clients: Microsoft, AT&T, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Citibank, Astra-Zeneca, Morgan Stanley, 3M, Mercedes Benz, Deloitte Touche, Shell Petroleum.
  • Sports clients: Formula One motor racing, Legends Tennis with Borg, McEnroe, Skins Golf with Norman, Nicklaus, NASCAR, Evander Holyfield, Katarina Witt etc
  • International Marketer of the Year
  • Best selling author of 3 books. New book "Kick Ass Marketing"
  • Featured on "60 minutes" and other television shows
  • Daily national radio segment on Small Business Success tips
  • Contributor to business and marketing magazines internationally
  • '100 Years…100 Movies' 18 month global promotion for American Film Institute
  • Over 1000 presentations to the world's leading companies on leadership, business, marketing, motivation, customer service, teamwork, adding value, eCommerce, CRM
  • The launching of many products in numerous countries.
  • Advisory board member of the Harvard Incubators group Avondi project, with business luminaries including Roberto Modigliani, Nobel Economics Laureate
  • Guest lecturer at UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Macquarie, Stockholm and 2M Universities.

Bob is one of the most in demand business/marketing speakers in the world, sharing the platform with international business leaders including Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Booking a speaker for your conference or seminar is an extremely important decision. You need to know you have booked a professional presenter with an exceptional reputation and an excellent track record. It is also critical that the presenter makes your attendees think, motivates them and makes a lasting impression, not one that only lasts for the duration of the conference. We understand that choosing the best keynote speaker benefits both you and your organization. As a business specialist and an International Marketer of the Year, Bob has a formidable reputation.

Bob Pritchard has been described as one of the most successful business presenters, marketers and speakers in the world. He is a speaking professional, not a professional speaker. He is CEO of a global business company working in the real world trenches every day. Bob has been delivering educational, motivational presentations to audiences for over 20 years. He is known for his dynamic delivery, meticulous presentation and practical, take-away advice.

Speaking Topics

The combination of his unique, highly diversified business experience and as an International Marketer of the Year, Bob has a vast knowledge across the business, marketing and sales spectrum, having worked with some of the world's largest companies. Bob individually crafts every presentation only after detailed briefings and research to specifically meet the client's precise objectives. Bob's presentations are entertaining, educational, highly interactive and motivational.

15 Keys to Business Success
Bob's famous keynote! Essential knowledge for all employees, not just sales and marketing! Over 85 Fortune 500 companies have heard this presentation.

Leadership, Communication, Education, Movitation - The keys to building a committed, powerful and driven team
Your skill sets and products may be equal to your competitors, it is the leadership, training, commitment and passion that make the difference.

How to Develop a Winning Mindset
Stirring motivating presentation on leadership and developing a winning mindset in your whole team. Examples from Sports and business. A MUST presentation for any business today.

What Makes or Breaks Your Business In The Information Age
In this new era of fierce competition, product, price and brand awareness are no longer effective. Exciting practical discussion of today's real business drivers.

Overcoming Challenges, Becoming the Best You Can Be!
From 8 family members representing 3 generations, living in one room, losing a parent at a young age, a plethora of jobs from performing to collecting scrap to pay for an education, to achieving international success. An uplifting, highly motivational experience that has changed lives and businesses. One radio station broke their weekly and monthly records after Bob addressed them...just two days afer 9/11 when the sales market was flat!

Branding is dead...Brand Equity is absolutely critical to success
Today, with more clutter, increased competition, more discerning customers, you must implement real differentiation, sensational service and add value or be blitzed.

How to Blow Away Your Competition
7 powerful keys to challenge the thinking of your team and generate unimagined results. Reduce costs, increase market share, bottom line and ROI. Learn how.

It is Not The Size Of The Budget, It is The Size Of The Idea
Any idiot can spend money. Don't be a me-too! Zig when your competitors zag, stand out, increase effectiveness, market penetration and return on investment.

Give Awesome Customer Service and Added Value...Or Fail!
Develop low cost word of mouth, repeat customers and up-selling, not expensive advertising. Build loyal, repeat customers for less cost and higher margins.

How to Make CRM The Business Wide Solution
Is your CRM a square peg in a round hole, or a way to improve efficiency and cut heads? Implemented correctly, CRM is a fantastic business wide solution!

Marketing Metrics
The international perspective on:

  • Trends in marketing and its contribution to overall business performance
  • How does marketing contribute to the bottom line
  • Accountability of the marketing function and reporting back to clients and boards.

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