Billy Robbins

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In December of 1980, while working on an aerial cable, Billy was injured in an accident that was 100% preventable. Contact was made with a 7200-volt power line! Even though the accident investigation concluded he was not at fault, the results were profound... the amputation of both his hands!

Since the time of the accident he has gone on to become a successful businessman, professional speaker, author, horse breeder and entrepreneur.

At the urging of many in the safety profession after experiencing his passion for accident prevention"Hooked On Safety®" was established in January of 1990. His presentations have yielded such positive, immediate and long lasting outcomes, Billy is now internationally recognized as one of the foremost motivational safety speakers available! His humorous but direct approach drives the point home that an accident free workplace is not just a dream; it can become a reality...and why would anyone want to work any place else!

He is considered to be one of the foremost motivational safety speakers in the country. He has presented to hundreds of companies, thousands of employees and all levels of management. His diverse clientele include Princeton University, Weatherford, Int. NASA, Bechtel, Merck, Pratt Whitney, UPS, Tyson Foods, General Motors, ChevronTexaco, Kraft, Kroger Inc., ExxonMobil, Entergy, Quaker Oats, Honeywell, Siemens Westinghouse, Imperial Oil, Tropicana, Lucent Technologies, General Mills, UAW, BP, Halliburton, Con Edison, numerous associations, and the Departments of Defense and Energy...all of which he has helped to shape, change and forge their safety cultures.

Billy's'Hooked On Safety'™ presentation is a unique, behavioral based, fast paced, highly motivational safety presentation that will change the attitudes of all who attend. Billy believes that ‘changed attitudes produce safety™’. He calls it, "In Your Face Safety, That's Fun™"! Billy's blend of humor, audience participation and story of his own accident impacts audiences on every level. His presentations produce positive and immediate outcomes. 'Hooked On Safety'™ will change the way your employees view safety for a lifetime.


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