Barry Asmus

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Named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in America, his comments on business, the economy, the future, globalization, and public policy are rooted in factual information, enthusiasm, and humor.

Whether addressing thirty world bankers at the home of Harvard's President, 3,000 farmers in Des Moines, or 7,000 members of the Million Dollar Round Table at Radio City Music Hall, Asmus presents his commentary in an entertaining, easily understood style. Recognized for his views on making U.S. companies world-class competitors by focusing on delivering value to the customer, he addresses many of the opportunities and challenges facing American business today.

As Senior Economist of the National Center for Policy Analysis, Dr. Asmus doesn't just speak on policies, but is also involved with their implementation. He recently testified before Chairman Bill Archer and the House Ways and Means Committee on switching from an income tax to a consumption tax. He was a main speaker in a Privatizing Social Security Conference for Western European leaders held at the Forbes Chateau de Balleroy in France, and has consulted with policy makers in Santiago, Chile, concerning their privatization programs. Barry has debated members of the Clinton Administration on competitivizing American health care using Medical Savings Accounts which were discussed in his book ClintonCare: Putting Government in Charge of Your Health.

Speaking Topics

Healing Health Care in America
How much would you buy if you went shopping with someone else's credit card? Yet, this is how today's health care system works. We are spending everyone's money except our own. Is it sustainable? No. Can we do something about it? Yes. Health Savings Accounts create incentives for a competitive health care system. Reforming Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements would allow hospitals to overcome the governmental mandate of free health care, currently at $30 billion annually. Tort reform and limitations on medical liability are necessary to slow down the practice of defensive medicine and widespread use of electronic medical record keeping is imperative for cost and quality control. Dr. Asmus' presentation offers real world solutions to run-away health care costs.

Globalization: International Prosperity and its Impact on America
Dr. Asmus' presentation on International Economics stems from a lifetime of study and experience. His clear presentation of the why, where, and therefore of globalization's considerable benefits and sometimes painful costs has informed business people throughout the world. His book, Crossroads: The Great American Experiment, has been used in hundreds of university classrooms for international trade and comparative economics. As a Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, Dr. Asmus has helped monitor 160 countries over a period of 15 years on ten measurable criteria of economic freedom. Dr. Asmus is currently working with national leaders to transform Romania from communism towards freedom and prosperity.

America's Economic Future: The Six Unstoppable Trends
Dr. Asmus identifies the "Six Unstoppable Trends" that are impacting America's business and its economy. Some results of these powerful trends are: a strong stock market, low unemployment, low inflation, high labor productivity, record economic growth, and consumer net worth at all-time highs. Currently, 75 million Baby Boomers are in the high spending category and most productive stages of their lives. The Boom continues. Companies of the 21st century must be positioned to capitalize on these trends. Dr. Asmus' presents his trends to audiences across America in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Freedom: Still America's Best Investment
The most vital force of our country has been freedom. Freedom unleashes more energy and genius than any alternative. America, the biggest island of freedom in the world, has always been the place people run to when, in hope or hopelessness, they are running from somewhere else. When freedom proceeds, prosperity follows. When freedom leads, the mutually beneficial exchange of capitalism moves nations forward. Dr. Asmus makes a compelling case for why America produces nearly a third of the world's wealth, most of the world's Nobel Laureates and a majority of the world's inventions, with less than 5 percent of the world's population.

Powering America's Energy Future
Dr. Asmus has extensive experience in energy economics. As President of Intermountain Consultants, his firm conducted various multi-state reviews and built models of energy use and supply and demand forecasting. His testimony on energy markets was presented before numerous state public utility commissions and was entered into the Federal Congressional Record. By 2020, Asmus estimates that America will consume 125 quads of energy, a 25 percent shortfall from the current supply. His presentation addresses how America can secure its future energy needs.

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