Art Turock

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Art Turock helps businesses translate leading edge elite performance research into practices for developing superior talent as a competitive advantage. His high impact methods are extremely relevant for hunker down times.

Art's ideas have appeared in Success, USA Today, Fortune, The One-Minute Manager series, Association Management, Bloomberg News, and CNN. Since 1986, Turock has been a valued resource to over 120 Fortune 500 companies, (including Merck, IBM, 3M, AT&T), as well as ASAE and Young Presidents' Organization. His latest work, What It Takes to Be Great, deals with an unrecognized need—most organizations do a brilliant job of produce competent contributors but a miserable job of developing consummate professionals. Our unquestioned performance management approaches actually run counter to the emerging elite performance research, which emphasizes deliberate practice as the key factor that separates experts in any field.

At age 55, Art took up competitive sprinting, where he tests the elements of deliberate practice in the 100 and 200 meter dash. After spending 10 days in practice sessions with Coach Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans Football coaches, Art translates their unwavering culture-shaping principles for greatness to teams in the workplace.

Speaking Topics

When the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments for Business Success come down from Corporate Mount Sinai, they will include: "Ask customers what they want and give it to them." But is it all that simple? Unless you are blessed with Jules Verne-like visionary customers, their answers to surveys and focus groups will be minor tweaks on what the industry is already providing not exactly the input the fuels bold innovation. Sales goldmines lie in recognizing and offering solutions to "latent needs" that is, what customers might value but have never experienced and would never think to ask for. But how do you know your customers' needs before they do? This program covers five integral elements for inventing business opportunities no one--your customers or competition--can imagine.

CHANGE MASTERY: Reinventing the Competitive Game
Your best sustainable edge is being better at mastering change than your competition. "Change-master" companies excel because of two strengths. First, they see the danger of relying on yesterday's "winning formula" which is really a disguise for resisting change. Second, they know how to minimize resistance and create positive momentum for change. Topics covered include: getting "committed" buy-in for change; curtailing blaming, instilling ownership; viewing uncertainty as a positive condition; and staying focused on results despite distractions.

RETHINKING YOUR BUSINESS: Innovative Thinking Methods for Out-of-the-Box Times
50% of this program is spent in 6-person teams engaged in facilitated exercises in identifying customer's latent needs and creating imaginative products and services. There are two outcomes: a list of fresh ideas to consider implementing and a reliable process to guide future innovative thinking efforts.

THE LEADERSHIP DILEMMA: Making the Transition from Too Much Management to the Right Amount of Leadership
As the pace and complexity of change intensify, every business must examine it's balance of management and leadership capabilities. "Management" specifically deals with short time frames, details, eliminating risks, scrupulous rationality, and gaining compliance with existing best practices, toward the goal of producing predictable results. "Leadership" emphasizes long term viewpoint, calculated risks, inspiring people's values, and reinventing strategies to prepare an organization for the future marketplace. Achieving the right balance leads to the perfect blend of continuous quality improvement and strategic foresight that characterize winners.

Faced with tight labor markets, unprecedented change to manage, and tough demands for productivity, today's managers are searching for solid answers. This program capitalizes on a 15-year Gallup Organization Study (compromising 1 million talented employees and 10,000 great managers) that examines two pivotal questions:

  • What does top talent need from their work environment to produce profound results?
  • What are the best practices employed by great managers for retaining and motivating top talent?
  • The study offers conclusive evidence for the power of managers in influencing employee performance.

This program is especially suited for Recognition Events or where a group seeks to preview the qualities of the most valuable performers in the 21st century organization. It is designed for professionals who've developed their skills to a mastery level but now require powerful self-management strategies to eclipse their already extraordinary results. Techniques include: peak performance goal-setting, being value-driven, developing a "healthy disregard for the impossible", and becoming a "role pioneer." Instead of flashes of brilliance, exceptional performers know how to cause breakthroughs by design, under any and all business circumstances.

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