Dr. Arden Bercovitz

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Offering audiences a novel speaker experience, Dr. Arden Bercovitz speaks in character as Albert Einstein, sharing insights, inspiration and innovative ways of thinking. Dr. Arden Bercovitz works with people in organizations to break down mental barriers and overcome resistance to change, opening them up to new possibilities and new ways of resolving problems. Resulting ideas and changes impact entire organizations.

A Scientist Speaking Through A Scientist... Dr. Bercovitz captures the essence of Dr. Albert Einstein because he's also a scientist, with a love of science and a spirit of curiosity.

Dr. Arden Bercovitz has devoted his entire career to helping organizations and their people face inevitable change in ways that are intelligent, creative and productive. Barriers will be broken, new opportunities will be uncovered, and powerful results are possible, with the proper approach and Dr. B's help. His very appearance, in character as Albert Einstein, indicates that an organization is ready for significant change, even a transformation of thoughts and actions.

Dr. B's mission is to help all of us discover our inner Einstein, and to tune-in to our own personal expressions of genius. We can accomplish extraordinary results by simply unlocking and learning how to use this natural potential. Einstein provides an inspirational example of what diligence, training, imagination, and intuition can reveal about new and ingenious ways of seeing and understanding the world around us. Einstein Alive motivational keynotes and workshops present powerful tools designed to encourage and catalyze new ways of thinking and innovative problem solving, just as Einstein himself might approach challenges we commonly face today. With his entertaining and unique character-driven delivery, Dr. B is just the motivational speaker to open minds and exceed ordinary outcomes.

Speaking Topics

· Change and Culture Shifts

· Creativity and Innovation

· Inspiration and Motivation

· Leadership

· Sales

· Diversity

· Team Building

· Character Portrayal

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