Abe Wagner

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Abe Wagner has over 35+ years of experience as a convention speaker, corporate trainer and author. He has worked with organizations around the world, ranging from start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to governments and non-profits. He is the author of Say It Straight or You'll Show It Crooked and The Transactional Manager.

Abe is a master at captivating audiences through his unique blend of warmth, wit and wisdom. While the attendees at the convention are laughing and relaxed, they'll also be learning vital communication and management tools based on the common-sense psychologies of Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Abe entertains while he educates, giving participants clear, practical, and easy-to-understand tools for achieving healthy relationships in the workplace and at home. They'll laugh, they'll learn, and they'll take home practical lessons for living a productive life.

Speaking Topics

Breaking The Communication Barrier - TA + NLP = Synergisn
Have you ever had the feeling you're just not getting through to someone? Instead of being frustrated, learn the practical how to's for understanding yourself and others, communicating with resistible people, becoming a better listener, and leading in a professional manner. Don't hit the wall-talk your way through it!

Say It Straight or You'll Show It Crooked
Straight talking leads to increased individual and organizational effectiveness but  it isn't always easy to do. Learn to be a straight shooter by making agreements that you intend to keep, treating yourself and others with dignity and respect, and speaking with the purpose of resolving issues rather than proving that you're right. Learn all of the fourteen Say It Straight principles.

Reaching Rapid Rapport
Making a connection with other people is the foundation of all effective communication. While establishing rapport may seem mysterious, it is achievable through these practical, easy-to-apply techniques. Learn about the power of positive strokes. Discover the keys to motivation and to giving constructive feedback in a diplomatic manner.

Personal and Professional Partnerships
Designed to enhance personal and professional relationships, this presentation is perfect for you and your significant others who have come along to your event. Develop healthy, rewarding relationships at work and at home by learning to be a partner and not a parent. You'll learn to identify positive and negative states of mind, acquire skills for effective communication, and avoid harmful communication patterns.

Happiness Its Easier Than You Think
Happiness the harder we chase it, the farther away it seems. Learn to apply the three key principles for living a satisfying life both at work and at home. Specific skills and practical suggestions form the cornerstone of this valuable program.

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