The Vogues

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The Vogues have been honored in most national and international polls as one of the best vocal groups on the scene today.

The Vogues have been a constant - showing in polls, selling recordings and attracting sellout audiences at concerts and club appearances. Their outstanding talent, stylish delivery and excellent choice of material coupled with their vital, poised performance, have made this group one of the world's top acts.

Rock and Roll gave The Vogues their beginning. Country and Western and current sounds have also found their way into The Vogues repertoire. The word "vogue" means: the mode of fashion prevalent at any particular time, general favor or acceptance.

Today's Vogues have worked hard and successfully to maintain a "NOW" trend while retaining their highly individualistic sound. They truly fulfill the promise of their name.

Throughout the years, personnel changes have been made, but the sound remains unmistakably...The Vogues.

Their Top 20 Charted National Hits include:

  • Turn Around Look At Me, #1
  • You're the One, #2
  • 5 O'Clock World, #2
  • Magic Town, Top 10
  • My Special Angel, Top 5
  • Till, Top 5
  • No Not Much, Top 5
  • Woman Helping Man, Top 20

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