The Return

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THE RETURN has brought back the fun, the energy, and the excitement of the pop culture sensation that came to be known as "Beatlemania".

They have performed all over the world including the Cavern in Liverpool, as well as Abbey Road Studios in London. In Japan they headlined the 40th anniversary celebration of the Beatles visit to Tokyo. In Hermosillo, Mexico they debuted their "Sgt Peppers & Beyond" show in front of over 10,000 fans. In the US they were recently named the Atlanta Braves Band of the Year.

Richard Stelling as John...Richard was born and raised in Griffin, GA. His mother taught chorus at the local high school, which prompted Richard to begin singing at a very early age. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 10 and guitar lessons at the age of 15. During high school he really started getting into the Beatles. After high school he went to the University of Georgia to study music. However, he decided to change his major to telecommunications a few years later. In 2001, he graduated from UGA and began working at a radio station in his hometown. Later that fall he auditioned with The Return for the role of John Lennon - who just so happens to be Richard's favorite Beatle. He, of course, passed the audition and within three weeks played his first show with the band.

Shane Landers as Paul...Shane was born and raised in Griffin, GA. He developed a love for singing at a very early age. Shane would lock himself in his room and sing along with anything and everything that blasted over his radio. He also sang in chorus throughout junior high and high school. At the age of 15 he began playing (right-handed) guitar. He fronted several local bands over the next 4 or 5 years. After high school he attended Gordon College and Valdosta State University. During those years he became interested in playing the drums. In 1999, he began singing and playing drums in an original band with Michael Fulop, who portrays George in The Return. Because of Shane's amazing vocal range, Fulop and the other members of the band asked him to join The Return in 2000. There was one catch - he had to learn to play bass left-handed! He successfully accomplished the task and now has people believing that he has played lefty for many years. Since joining the band Shane has also learned how to play the piano.

Michael Fulop as George...Michael was born in Delaware, but he moved to Griffin, GA at the age of 8. His mom was a piano teacher, and he began taking lessons from her at the age of 6. He became interested in the drums a few years later, and while in middle school he received his first drum set. He began playing guitar around the age of 13 and quickly decided that this would be the instrument with which he would spend the most time working. He played guitar and wrote songs for several groups in high school. He also sang in the high school chorus along with future bandmates Richard Stelling and Shane Landers. It was during this time that he caught the "Beatlemania" bug. So in 1995, at the age of 17, he and some friends put together a band that would eventually evolve into The Return. In the next few years after high school he found the time to receive a music degree from Gordon College, as well as an automotive technology degree from Griffin Technical College.

Adam Thurston as Ringo...Adam was born and raised in Griffin, GA. Adam is a self-taught drummer who began playing the drums at the age of seventeen. He joined a band with some high school friends as a vocalist, but after many failed attempts at finding a drummer, he decided to take up the drums himself. Eighteen months later The Roaches (who would later change their name to The Return) auditioned Adam and offered him the role of "Ringo." Adam would be their drummer for the next 7 years until 2003, when he decided to pursue other opportunities. During that time Adam played drums for many groups around the Southeast. However, Adam missed being a part of The Return, and when the position became available again in 2007, he re-joined the band.

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