The Four Lads


The Four Lads' musical prestige is the result of unusually high standards that first took form in their home town, Toronto, and their school, Saint Michael's Choir School. The boys studied at this renowned musical academy for 5 years under the expert guidance of Msgr. Ronan. Although the Lads met as choir boys, they soon discovered that they enjoyed working as a team, spending many hours together, studying voice at the academy and playing sports on the athletic field.

The Lads launched their professional career in 1950 singing in local clubs. Quite a few "Ups & Downs" later, the boys had a chance for a tryout performance at New York's posh supper club, Le Ruban Bleu. There, Mitch Miller saw them and put them on the million-seller Johnny Ray records of Cry and Little White Cloud That Cried. After that, the Lads were signed to their own recording contract, receiving their first Gold Record in 1953 for Istanbul. Their great success story includes the sale of some 50 million singles and albums to-date.

Today, the Four Lads continue their musical history, bringing exciting and truly "golden" performances to receptive audiences on cruises, at conventions, night clubs, dinner theatres, concert halls, and Nevada's hotel casinos. More than 40 years later, the Lads' unique style captures hearts and brings back many a memory. It is a magical formula that keeps audiences all over the world in love with The Four Lads! For everyone who sees them, they are still providing many wonderful Moments to Remember!

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