The Chordettes


The reason for this is simple. The Chordettes have always given priority to their vocal arrangements. The original group began in the mid-1940's as a barbershop quartet, and the sound evolved over the next 10 years until they had their first major hit in the mid-1950's. Even today, The New Chordettes never tire of working on their unique style. You can often hear them rehearsing in dressing rooms, hotel rooms, or in the limo on the way to the show.

The Chordettes, of course, are known around the world for such hits as Mr. Sandman, Lollipop, Eddie My Love, and Never On Sunday. They even recorded the theme song for the 1950's hit television show Zorro. But after a string of 10 hits, the group retired from show business and, for awhile, the group was inactive.

Then, in the mid-1980's, Bob Duncan secured the rights to the name and reformed the quartet. "I had always been a fan of the Chordettes' sound. I felt there was no act in the business that gave us the rich, lush harmonies that they did. I believed the public was ready to hear those great songs again," Duncan adds. It turns out Duncan was right!

Since The New Chordettes hit the road, they have been a smash hit in major show rooms in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. They have toured the major cities of the world and have appeared for standing-room-only crowds at concerts throughout the U.S. Their major television appearances have brought them new fans from a younger generation.

Kathy Quistad, Terry Domes, Judy Duncan, and Robin Whitmore make up The New Chordettes, each of which were already established music artists before joining the group. Quistad had already toured for several years as a backup singer for major recording artists and as a regular guest on Pat Boone's television show. Duncan was a member of a well-known vocal group, and Whitmore had sung with Perry Como tours for several years, as well as appearing on television and in major motion pictures. Domes had left a career as a successful musical comedy actress, but feels no regrets. "I think that in this case, four 'wholes' just make a better 'whole,'" Domes adds.

This group does more than just create great vocal sounds. They have filled their concerts with enough hit songs and fun to make an evening with The New Chordettes seem more like a doo-wop party than just merely a trip down memory lane. Yet, they do it with a grace and elegance that has always been a trademark of this extraordinary quartet. This combination has created a remarkable success's the kind of success that a group with this rich musical heritage deserves!

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