The Buckinghams


Signing with Columbia Records, The Buckinghams' following singles, Don't You Care, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Hey Baby They're Playing Our Song, and Susan, all hit the Top Ten nationally, and The Buckinghams were proclaimed a pop phenomena. Television appearances on Ed Sullivan, Jerry Lewis, Dick Clark's American Bandstand, and the Smothers Brothers, as well as extensive coverage in magazines, confirmed The Buckinghams' stardom. Their succession of hits led them to being named "The Most Listened To Band in America" in 1967.

The Buckinghams have evolved to remain one of today's most popular acts. The appeal of The Buckinghams' music and the consistently high level of performance have earned the band rave reviews and a loyal following throughout the country.

The Buckinghams have a fresh approach to their music that fuses the classic sound with a punch and rhythm for today. They have not only rediscovered their loyal fans from the heyday sixties, but now appeal to a new generation of Buckinghams' enthusiasts. The Buckinghams have helped forge new links with yet another generation.

The wide appeal of The Buckinghams can be attributed to their high-energy concerts packed with vocal versatility, spontaneity, humor, and musical strength! Despite their wholesome image, they play no-nonsense rock and roll, performing each song as if it were the first time, with that infectious zeal and pop that grabs attention. They have been turning on audiences since their unparalleled beginning.

The Buckinghams maintain a rigorous concert schedule, performing across the country to capacity crowds. They were featured on "The Happy Together Tour", which joined them with The Turtles, The Grass Roots, and Gary Lewis & the Playboys, playing to Standing Room Only audiences in 125 cities. That tour was proclaimed "One of the most successful" by Billboard and Performance magazines.

More recently, The Buckinghams have appeared on Entertainment Tonight, P.M. Magazine, and The Nashville Networks' Classic Rock with Wolfman Jack, and numerous national, local, and cable television shows. The many radio stations throughout the country that continue to play their recordings only confirms the lasting appeal of their music.

In any setting, festival, casino, fair, concert, party, or corporate event, The Buckinghams create an immediate rapport with an audience, drawing them into the spirit and energy of the music. This is what makes The Buckinghams as exciting today as they ever were!

Original members Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna have put heavy emphasis on reestablishing themselves as a major recording group. Now, with a brand new CD of original music, entitled Terra Firma, The Buckinghams will, without a doubt, continue to capture the airwaves!

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