Teen Angels

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It will go something like this...The lights dim, a single street light begins to shine on stage. All conversation quiets as the silhouette of four singers appears beneath the lamp-post. The first notes of an old R&B song sung completely acapella are heard in perfect complex harmony. Now the boys move off-stage and are hit by a white hot spot. You notice they are all wearing wireless headsets. They go deep into the audience as the singer belts out, "Everybody clap your hands now!" Your guests begin clapping. You look around and see smiles on faces...the boys smile back as the song ends. You listen to the applause and know your event is a success after the first song because you hired the right group...TEEN ANGELS.

From there, the boys grab their instruments and play. They might crowd the dance floor with people or have them settle in for the beginning of a different show. It's up to you! That's where the versatility of Teen Angels comes in.

Musically, the band does it all. They regularly perform a costumed '50's and Beatles tribute. They are able to do an entire night of '50's and '60's, Beach Boys, or a whole island party theme. They perform Motown, R&B, contemporary music, comedy, audience participation, even standards!

Armed with the most innovative and distinctive show around, Teen Angels take command on stage with lush 5-part harmony and precision playing. But wait, let's get technical. The band performs completely wireless! This allows them to come and go from the stage regularly to perform in the crowd.

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