Ross Amicucci

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This comedian's real-life experiences and keen observations give him plenty of hilarious ammunition--and no one can fire a punchline like Ross. But his humor goes beyond that of just being funny. What sets Ross apart from the rest is his ability to get to the truth of the matter. Ross' humor ranges from family matters and relationships to social issues that concern us all.

The Law and Order Tour moves beyond your normal clubs and theatre's it wide appeal has been a favorite for corporate functions, private shows as well. Ross has appeared for such companies as Ford Motor Company, Aramark, Bavarian Inn, Dairy Queen Inc., Make a Wish Foundation, The Federal Bureau of Investigations (yep the FBI), Michigan State Police, (you would expect the last two), and the list goes on.

He has performed in front of 15,000 people opening for and performing with such top acts as: Weird Al Yankovic, The Doobie Brothers, Clint Black, Carrot Top, Richard Marx, Richard Jeni, The B-52's, ABBA, Toto, Huey Lewis and The News, Bobby Vinton, Rockin Road House Country Tour and Jay Leno.

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