Mike Rayburn

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Mike Rayburn has been called "The World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso" (he'd settle for Cleveland's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso, but whatever). From Bach to rock Mike's Classically Trained...Comically Derailed is an energetic odyssey of masterful guitar, outrageous comedy, and musical combinations you won't believe - Bruce Springsteen sings Green Acres. Led Zeppelin sings Dr. Seuss. Hendrix sings Cumbaya.

If Victor Borge played guitar (and drank too much coffee) he'd sound like Mike," says promoter, Mark Johnson. This is the show that has earned Mike standing ovations at all eight of his appearances at Carnegie Hall, has him starring on the strip in Las Vegas, and along with his keynote keeps him booked one hundred or more times per year for corporations, associations, churches and theaters.

"A comic genius!!! ...enough wit and talent to jumpstart a pacemaker!"
- Aspen Daily News

"Brilliant!!! I knew you were good and funny, but I had no idea... WOW! I love the way you balance humor and musicality... rare to hear such clean and expressive playing. You just got a major new fan. I'll be telling everyone I know."
- John Oates, of Hall and Oates

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