Joe Castillo

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Joe Castillo is a best selling author, an artist and storyteller who has developed new way of telling stories with his hands. He calls this latest innovation “SandStory”. These stories have become a world-wide sensation.

Joe has performed for Presidents, Royalty, CEO’s, international corporations around the world and as a finalist on America’s Got Talent. His performances entertain, inspire and leave people with a sense of awe. Joe Castillo is the premier “SandStory” artist in the world today.

Long before becoming a finalist on America's Got Talent, Joe was creating sold-out SandStory performances for theaters, conventions and companies of all sizes. He has created performances for companies such as CBS, Walt Disney, NBC, TED, Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble, Fox, Ford and Apple. He is now a regular performer at The Palazzo in Las Vegas.

As seen by 23 million viewers worldwide on America's Got Talent TV show! SandStory is perfect for Corporate Events, Entertainment, Education, Trade Shows, Parties and Commercials. SandStory artist Joe Castillo scatters sand on a light table, telling unique stories in shapes and images combined with powerful, emotive music. The Sand Story is projected onto buildings or giant screens, leaving the audience spell-bound and captivated.

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