Jimmy Travis

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Jimmy Travis is a multitalented performer who constantly proves that you can be funny, informative, and entertaining without being offensive! As one reviewer in Variety put it: "Jimmy Travis took the stage and within minutes made everyone in the audience feel like his new best friend. His presentation was hilarious, clean, and definitely had something for everyone. His approach to humor was very refreshing in a day and age when so many lace their shows with profanity.

Attempting to describe a Jimmy Travis show or presentation is a lot like trying to herd cats! It's not impossible, but definitely takes some doing. He's funny, creative, spontaneous, energetic, and since he frequently interacts with the audience, no two shows are ever the same! Simply put, Jimmy Travis is unique!

In addition to being a top-notch comedian, Jimmy is also a talented singer, songwriter, and musician. His natural gift of turning a quick phrase into a comedic song has been his unique calling card and is a hit with every audience.

Jimmy brings a wealth of entertainment experience to your event. His client list includes hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, corporations and associations! He's performed in all 50 states and has the uncanny ability of being able to relate to audiences of all ages. 8-80! Jimmy has toured with with some of the biggest names in show business. He's been a repeat performer in major concert halls as well as the main showrooms of Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. Jimmy's special blend of humor and music have led to over 50 national television appearances on such networks as Odyssey, The Family Channel, TNN, The Inspirational Network, and on NBC as part of The Jerry Lewis Parade Of Stars.

Jimmy Travis was recently honored as the recipient of The Jimmy Durante Award. This award is presented annually to a comedian or humorist and recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of family entertainment.

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