Jay Johnson

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It's a question Jay Johnson hears often, at airports, in restaurants or just walking down the street. It's an obvious question to the millions of people who know Jay from television. In the four years Jay played the schizophrenic role of "Chuck and Bob" on the classic television comedy SOAP, Jay was seen without Bob no more than 2 minutes. After 30 years of performing and perfecting his talents Jay Johnson has truly become a one man duet.

It's a great compliment to Jay Johnson's artistic ability as one of the world's greatest ventriloquists, to have people ask about his wooden partners. But if you think he's just the straight man to a very funny stage act you're not even half right. Jay Johnson is like a 3-D poster. The longer you look and the harder you stare the more you see. There is much more to his talents than superficially perceived. The question then is not "Where's Bob?" but "Who's Jay?"

In the mid 70's Jay moved to Los Angeles to pursue his ideas for television. To date he has done over thirty national commercials, hosted three comedy specials, produced and performed in two network television specials, two HBO specials, hundreds of guest appearances on variety shows and starred in four television series (Soap was in production for 4 years and still runs in syndication all over the world).

Jay's one man show "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" opened on Broadway to rave reviews and won him the American Theatre Wing TONY Award for "Best Special Theatrical Event" for 2007. The show won the Los Angeles Ovation Award for "Best Solo Show" in 2006. He is an entertaining favorite in Miami, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. He has shared the stage with Julie Andrews, Harry Anderson, Tony Bennett, Andy Griffith, Jay Leno, David Letterman, The Pointer Sisters, Larry Gatlin, Neil Sedaka, Melissa Manchester, Anne Murray, The Osmonds, Dick Clark, Juliet Prowse, Leo Sayer, Suzanne Somers, Tommy Smothers, and Gary Shandling.

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