Gary Sinise and Lt. Dan Band

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Kimo Williams first worked with Gary Sinise as composer for a Steppenwolf production of Streetcar Named Desire. After learning of Gary's talents on the bass, Kimo encouraged him to do more playing, and over the years they enjoyed the occasional jam session. As Gary began what has turned out to be an extraordinary commitment to the USO, these jams eventually led to gigs in the Chicago area, gathering local talent and performing for troops and their families.

Following one of his many trips overseas to visit those serving our country, he decided it was time to bring the band with him! With Kimo's help a talented group of musicians came together to form "The Lt. Dan Band".

The Lt. Dan Band covers everything from Springsteen to Linkin Park, from Aretha to Hendrix. There's something for everyone, and each show highlights the musical diversity of the band, as well as the passion and energy each member brings to the stage. Whether we're performing for troops overseas or a local club crowd, the goal is to have fun and rock the house!

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