Dream World Cirque

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Dream World Cirque specializes in supplying great cirque entertainment for your events, creating acts, shows, single or groups of performers.

Dream World Cirque can provide atmosphere entertainment in solo acts of contortion, aerial silks, aerial hoop, hammock, trapeze, and acrobatics as well as duo and trio acts of contortion, silks, hoop, trapeze, adagio, and also feature stilt and fire dancing, including fans, hoop, poi, and fingers. Dream World Cirque is a collective of circus performers created by Jena Carpenter. Jena Carpenter is an aerialist, contortionist, fire dancer, and acrobat herself.

Some of the acts that could be included in the show are:

Duo Aerial Silks - 2 Performers perform side by side on the silks with amazing wraps, flips and falls.

Solo Aerial Hoop - High paced energetic spin with one performer weaving in and out of a dance with the Aerial hoop.


Solo/Duo/Trio Contortion - The performers bend and fold into all kinds of beautiful & breathtaking stacks and balances.

Male/Female Adagio Hand-to-Hand

Cyr Wheel - 1 performer spins in a huge ring performing all kinds of amazing tricks as the ring spins continuously with him inside, around, and over it.

Glow Performance - Glow Hooping including multiple hoops and all kinds of cool patterns and colors that can be programmed to match colors of the room or event.

Our love and passion is to create not only incredible acts, but characters, stories, and relationships in our shows that the audience can relate to on a personal level be it in a cooperate, private party or show environment.

We live to perform and we guarantee that our performers will make your event truly unforgettable!

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