Diamond Rio

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Thousands of musicians are vying at any given time for a glimmer of success. For most, just one hit record would fulfill a lifetime of dreams, which makes Diamond Rio's accomplishments all that more significant. Fifteen years ago, they too were hoping for that one hit. When the band released its debut single, "Meet In The Middle," they kept their fingers crossed that it would reach country music's Top 20—maybe even the Top 10.

That wasn't enough: The song went all the way to #1, making them the first country group in history to top the chart with a debut single. They piled on enough successive hits to warrant a Greatest Hits album and now, 15 years into their career, Diamond Rio has taken that trip up the national charts so many times that the band is looking at… gulp… Greatest Hits II, a landmark that seems almost insane when the band reflects on the odds.

"Sometimes you can't believe we've done so much," bass player Dana Williams marvels, recalling that not so long ago, he and his five band mates were among those thousands vying for that one glimmer of success. "It pretty well blows your mind."

Diamond Rio has indeed accomplished much. In addition to two compilations worth of hits, they have achieved gold or platinum sales with each of their studio albums, racked up 13 Grammy nominations, 15 consecutive Country Music Association nominations for Vocal Group of the Year, more than any country group in CMA history, two-time Academy of Country Music and four-time CMA Vocal Group of the Year.

Greatest Hits 2 provides a real opportunity to reflect on the band's journey. With the emotional "One More Day," the sonically inventive "Beautiful Mess," the lively "Unbelievable" and the poignant "I Believe" leading the way, the album features some of the most identifiable material of the last decade.

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