David Glickman

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David Glickman's Customized Corporate Comedy has been used for conventions, sales rallies, awards programs, after dinner entertainment, corporate retreats, holiday parties, and many other business functions. The program can also include any information or message you might want added for your group. It's easy to do when the show is written specifically for you.

Audiences especially love the song parodies that close every program:

  • The national Mail Advertising Service Association enjoyed "Mailhouse Shlock" (to the tune of "Jailhouse Rock").
  • "Secret Agent Man" became "Compensation Plan" for AT&T.
  • "(A) Norwegian Would" was a twist on the popular Beatles tune for Norwegian Cruise Line's sales staff.
  • Another Beatles tune, "Paperback Writer," became "Dave's A Hack Writer" for roasting humor writer Dave Barry.
  • Gillette's new razor was parodied in "Mach 3 Time", based on "Knock 3 Times."
  • The National Speakers Association learned to "Mingle Well" (from "Jingle Bells).
  • Xerox enjoyed "The tech will come out...tomorrow" (to the tune of "Tomorrow")

This program lets your group know that it's ok to laugh at the elements of our job that we might find frustrating. And any group that can laugh at itself is a healthy group and on track for continued success. Let the laughter work its magic with David Glickman's Customized Corporate Comedy.

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