Danny Orleans

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A diamond ring vanishes from a lady's hand and moments later is found safely hooked on a key chain. A wad of one-dollar bills magically transforms into hundreds. A spectator's wristwatch, securely held by a corporate executive, suddenly changes time. A ballpoint pen is thrust through a playing card and when removed, leaves no trace of a hole.

Sound impossible? Not if you're watching Danny Orleans. His magic is interactive, close-up and beyond belief. When he strolls through your reception, cocktail party or special event, he captivates everyone who meets him. His presentation of miniature illusions guarantees an event that will be unforgettable.

What's his secret? It's more than having an ace up his sleeve. Danny Orleans stimulates the imaginations of Corporate America, their sales forces, customers and staff. His style encourages everyone to relax and experience the wonder, surprise and delightful mystery of magic.

A sensational event. It's every event planner's dream. Great food, an exciting environment and fabulous entertainment. Invite Danny Orleans. He'll transform blasé guests into energized partygoers. He'll produce laughter from boring cocktail chatter.He'll make the impossible seem possible. The result? A corporate event that is sure to be remembered. An event where, long after everyone has gone home — weeks, months, years later — everyone will still remember you.

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