T. Bubba Bechtol

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J. Terryl Bechtol, or just "T. Bubba" to his friends, is on the MCA-Nashville label, a comedian, professional speaker, regularly appears on The Grand Ole Opry, is featured on The National Network (TNN), radio and TV personality, a newspaper columnist, and is America's Bubba. T. Bubba is the past president of the United States Jaycees and The Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge. He ran for the US Congress, and currently serves as President and CEO of the Bubba's of America, an organization of over 40,000 members dedicated to the preservation of the Bubba Lifestyle! His entertainment career has taken him from stand up comedian to opening for singing stars like Loretta Lynn, Eddy Arnold, Billy Ray Cyrus, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, Marty Stuart, and Vince Gill. He has performed in the White House at the request of three Presidents and is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), with the National Speakers Association. His awards in the speaking profession are too many to mention. T. Bubba’s brand of humor is clean and current.

He is often referred to as "Will Rodgers 2000!" When the late humor columnist and author Lewis Grizzard became ill, it was Bubba Bechtol that was called on to fill in for his speaking and performing venues. Upon Lewis’s death, T. Bubba Bechtol began to tour his one man show, "An Evening with Bubba," Crooke and Chase put him on television and a star was born! His blend of the old and new humor is much in demand nationwide and his views on "how Bubba sees it" are sought after by radio and television stations make great interviews. Bubba is perfect for any type of entertainment venue, from private or corporate to the biggest show in America! He has never worked in a comedy club, his unique brand of humor was formed from 20 years as a top professional humorist in Corporate America, but he has become a top draw on the Casino circuit and anyplace he can keep it clean!

He was born and raised in Mississippi and today has homes in both Nashville, TN and Pensacola Beach, Fla. He has appeared World-Wide in over 40 countries with is different brand of comedy and his Bubba Character. He also is BUBBA CLAUS for two months of each year. Bubba Claus lives at the South Pole, is Santa's third cousin twice removed and takes care of "kids that ain't been all that good !" You will love Bubba Claus!

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