Bill Kirchenbauer


Kirchenbauer's experience with making people laugh goes back to his early childhood. Rumor has it that he sold out sandboxes across the country with his pre-pubescent standup routines. A long run in a variety of schools (his father was in the military) gave him the diversity of experience.

While other studied marketing strategy, Kirchenbauer studied mime, ventriloquism, and improvisation, leading up to his winning the first Stand Up Competition in Los Angeles in 1978. Soon after that victory, Kirchenbauer appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Carson liked Kirchenbauer so much that he booked him for 10 more appearances.

It wasn't long until the television and film industry got wind of this tornado of talent and snatched him up. He proved to be a formidable acting talent, as well. He has appeared in many film projects, including Airplane, National Lampoon, and Stoogemania, as well as regular starring roles on television series such as Fernwood Tonight, Mork & Mindy, Night Court, and Totally Hidden Video.

It was during the popular television series Growing Pains that ABC executives decided it was time for Kirchenbauer to have his own television show, and they created Just the Ten of Us. It proved to be a ratings hit, and Kirchenbauer is known worldwide as the irascible, but lovable "Coach Lubbock." The show is seen in many foreign countries, as well as in the United States on the USA Network.

Kirchenbauer's true love has always been the stage, making live audiences convulse with laughter. After appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show, Comic Strip Live, An Evening at the Improv, and hosting Into the Night, Kirchenbauer made the decision to hit the road. His ability to sell out comedy clubs throughout the country has made him a much sought-after entertainer. But it is Kirchenbauer's flexibility that makes him even more desirable. He is one of the few comedians who does well in any situation, with any audience. He headlined aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruiselines, and the response was so great that he ranked Number 2 in passenger requests (Number 1, of course, was motion sickness pills).

One of Kirchenbauer's best talents is the ability to adapt to any entertainment situation. He has an appeal to people of all types and ages, whether it's serving as master of ceremonies for award presentations, headlining roasts for corporate and private functions, or just as an invited guest to add a breath of fresh comedy air to a dull business meeting. Kirchenbauer seems to be comfortable anywhere he is invited, and those around him are always comfortable with him.

Kirchenbauer is known for his ability to tailor his act to fit any occasion. He can deftly integrate the company or function into his routines, and his skills as an improviser allow him to run with the ball, no matter what the event. With nationwide recognition, Kirchenbauer offer an entertainment event the professionalism and performance appeal that keeps his talents in high demand!

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