Al the Only

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Business clients agree that Al The Only works magic when it comes to entertaining their employees and customers. A full time professional magician for over two decades, Al has been featured in many local publications and magazines such as "Crain's Small Business", "Money", and "Success", for his work in Corporate America. Although he typically performs at company banquets, cocktail parties and hospitality suites, you can also find him working at trade shows and sales meetings.

"I love making people laugh, wonder, and feel good. Magic is my life," said Al The Only. "Some have even called me obsessed," he continued. It's no wonder, with "PRESTO" on his license plate and a work phone number that spells "TRICKY-1". Performing around the world, Al has developed a successful business that makes his clients happy.

When asked what his goals are for the future Al said, "I love working for Corporate America and am striving to make myself known in the business world. What Siegfried & Roy and Lance Burton are to Las Vegas is what I want to be in the corporate field. You'll probably not see me on the cover of People or Rolling Stone but when it comes time to hire entertainment for your company function, I'll be the first name to come to mind."

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