Air Margaritaville

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What's a Parrothead to do? In 1992 Mike (vocals and guitar) and J.D. (guitar and vocals) formed Air Margaritaville. A musical tribute to Jimmy Buffet's style of Caribbean soul, they have struck a chord with Parrotheads throughout the mid-west. From songs Parrotheads know by heart like Cheeseburger in Paradise, Fins, and Volcano to Buffett's classic covers of Brown Eyed Girl and Jamaica Farewell, it is impossible to stand still without feeling the urge to dance and sing along. Their shows take on the flavor of a carnival as people, dressed in their finest parrotphernalia, take a break from their computers and fax machines to a relaxed but exiting world of boats, beaches, bars, and ballads.

Michael Fedorka and J.D. Jones have been fans of Jimmy Buffett for what seems like forever. "I can remember seeing him at Florida State University when I was a student there", says J.D. "Being from Florida has always made me feel a part of his music." Mike agrees, "His songs tell such great stories. The sea, the sun, the fun. It's the lifestyle a lot of us would lead if we had the chance. Or the stamina."

There is no question that a lot of other folks in this area feel the same way. Dressed in tropical shirts, Bermuda shorts, island hats and other beach togs, fans from ages 16 to 60 transform into Parrotheads during Buffett's concerts and escape to Margaritaville. The music, with influences from New Orleans, Key West, and the Caribbean, conjures images of a laid-back island life style of friends, frozen drinks, and beach parties. There is nothing quite like experiencing a Jimmy Buffett concert. That is, if you're lucky enough to get tickets. Buffet has cut his tour dates to a minimum and this year's concert sold out in minutes.

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